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Manufacture of outdoor advertising in Kyiv

Outdoor advertising is one of the most popular advertising distribution channels used all over the world, thanks to which you can create the desired image of the company, brand recognition, customer loyalty and trust.



With its help, you will be able to increase sales by at least 40%. This indicator significantly exceeds the popularity of advertising in the media.



Outdoor advertising includes all types of signboards, three-dimensional letters, lightboxes, billboards, banners, faceplates, standers, and other structures located in open areas. Advertising structures can be conditionally divided into outdoor structures, which are installed on the facade of the building or above the entrance in order to indicate the location of the office, store, restaurant, cafe, retail outlet, etc., as well as interior structures, which are placed indoors for interior decoration in corporate style. Using outdoor and interior advertising, you can attract attention to your business object of a huge number of people.



High-quality and reliable outdoor advertising in Kyiv from the R.Box Advertising center will help you to mark your location, increase sales of services and / or goods, notify about promotional offers and more. Our experts will help you choose the best type of outdoor advertising for a specific purpose and according to your budget. For example, if you are the owner of a restaurant and entertainment complex, we recommend that you order outdoor advertising such as lightboxes, three-dimensional letters, billboards, and / or standers.



Such structures will definitely attract many new customers by telling them how to get to the establishment.
If you are the owner of a chain store, then it is worth giving preference to three-dimensional light letters.
In addition to the fact that this type of outdoor advertising has a spectacular appearance, it will constantly remind of the brand.
Do not forget that even the coolest outdoor advertising needs favorable lighting, laconic messaging, and the right location.


Quality outdoor advertising is an effective investment in the image of your company

Let us look at the main advantages of outdoor advertising:


• Fabrication of outdoor advertising is cheaper than advertising on the Internet and in the media.
• It cannot be switched or blocked. Pedestrians and drivers will see your advertising anyway.
• Compared to television advertising, signboard and billboards are not so obtrusive. This is a guarantee of customer goodwill and a positive result.
• Greater audiences reach.
• Outdoor advertising is active 24/7, 365 days a year.


Internal (interior) advertising – what do we know about it?

Internal (interior) advertising is a surface or advertising media, the information from which is conveyed inside the Shopping Mall, government offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, gyms, and other premises.
It can also be installed in public places: at the reception desk, in the elevator of the office center, etc.
Internal advertising (interior advertising) is often used as image advertising; it helps brand promotion, company recognizability, corporate style formation, etc.



In the trading floors of megastores and multimalls this type of advertising can:

• Increase customer interest in the products offered.
• Notify about promotional and discount offers.
• Promote specific product categories.



The indisputable advantage of internal advertising is that the information is conveyed to the already prepared audience.
Among the advantages, we can also distinguish proximity to the consumer, minimal costs and high productivity.


What is fraught with low-quality outdoor advertising?

Bad outdoor advertising can lead to a loss of budgetary funds and a decrease in sales. This fact is often faced by owners of start-up companies and managers of large enterprises.


If outdoor advertising is made of low-quality materials, it will quickly lose its original appearance. For example, a poor-quality billboard can quickly fade in the sun; a poor-quality lightbox-type advertising construction or a signboard with three-dimensional letters can quickly become unusable; LEDs can often burn out, cracks appear in the structure, which will lead to moisture and dirt getting inside the structure, etc.


One-day masters reduce the cost of production through this process. Only due to low-quality LEDs, the cost of a signboard can be reduced by 10-15%. The term of operation of such a signboard will not last more than 6-12 months, while no one will provide a guarantee for work. We, in turn, guarantee the quality of external (outdoor) advertising and internal (interior) advertising.
To avoid problems with outdoor advertising, you must contact only proven companies. This is exactly what the R.Box Advertising сenter is, with a convenient office location almost in the very center of Kiev, and with its own production facilities and a reliable team of specialists.


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