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A signboard is one of the most important attributes of outdoor advertising for your business. Properly designed and properly crafted advertising signage will take your business to the next level.
As a result of research of
International Sign-Makers Association,
it was found:
of consumers, as they say, decided to walk into the store, in which they had never been before, with reference to its signboard;
of respondents said that they would not enter the store with a broken, damaged or poor-quality signboard;
of respondents said that they would not enter the store if the signboard is completely missing;
of the customers believe that the signboard is a reliable indicator of the company's products and services.
Types of signboards
2000 UAH
Panel signboards made of composite materials
2000 UAH
Panel signboards made of PVC
3000 UAH
Light signboards
1000 UAH
Wooden signboards
Let us tell you something about the signboards

What is signboard in outdoor advertising and where is it used?

A signboard is the most common form of outdoor advertising. This product may vary in types and shapes with the use of innovative technologies and materials.


This is a kind of business card of the company. It allows you to create an image, increase sales and recognizability of the enterprise, as well as attract the attention of the consumer and make him interested in you.


The modern R.Box Advertising Center presents you a certain list of advertising signboards:


• Panel signboards made of composite materials;
• Panel signboards made of PVC;
• Light signboards;
• Wooden signboards (eco-signboards) and others.
Let us get acquainted with each type of signboards more detailed.
Panel signboards made of composite materials

Panel signboard made of composite materials is a popular form of outdoor advertising made from aluminum composite panels. These products can be luminous-type and nonluminous-type, volumetric and flat. In addition, they can be inlaid with additional elements. As a result, panel composite signboards look modern, stylish, and expensive. Such products are often used to design entrance spaces.


Panel signboards made of PVC

Panel signboards made of PVC differ from the luminous-type signboards only in that they do not have lighting effects. However, due to low budget and durability, they are used no less than luminous-type signboards. In addition, the advantages of these signboards can be attributed to resistance to ultraviolet light and weather conditions. Such products are often used to design shops / outlets in shopping and entertainment centers, where intense lighting is already involved.


Light signboards

Light signboards are one of the most popular types of outdoor advertising. Lighting solutions allow the signboard to achieve the most spectacular look. To make the lighting soft and even, we use high-quality acryl in the manufacture of light signboards. In addition, with the help of ORACAL light-scattering film, we can diversify the signboard with a color palette.

LED advertising signboards have one main advantage: unlike a frieze or a nonluminous signboard, they stand out on the facade at night.
If you want to make a high quality design of a night club, shop, restaurant, bar or cafe, we recommend that you give preference to this particular kind of signage. This is the best method of attracting customers, which allows you to stand out from competitors.


Wooden signboards

Wooden signboards or, as they are now called “eco-signboards”, are usually used for pubs, bars, coffee houses, cafes, shops, retail chains, eco-shops, etc. A logo or text on such a signboard can be applied in various ways: engraving, milling, printing, and laser engraving. We use the best wood species and innovative technologies in the production and processing of such products.


The R.Box Advertising Center provides a guaranteed quality of product and a high level of service. Hurry over to order eco-signs from us!

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