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Excellent service and warranty for maintenance of advertising structures
Unforeseen circumstances may arise after the installation of any outdoor advertising object. In such case, you will need to apply to us for rendering services.
Outdated object
After a certain working lifespan, each outdoor advertising object needs restoration
Environmental damage
It often happens that your stander or a signboard is overtaken by a strong wind and it becomes unusable
Business rebranding
You need to change the color of the letters on the signboard due to changes in the style of your business
Technical malfunctions
Each object may have a technical problem that needs to be quickly resolved.
Warranty service
After the installation of any outdoor advertising object, unforeseen circumstances may arise that are not related to external interference with the advertising structure.

Among the main services of our company are:


· Warranty service of outdoor advertising facilities
· Service of outdoor advertising facilities


The warranty covers the promotional designs and installation work done by the experts of the R.Box Advertising Center within 365 days from the moment of installation. We will resolve any issues at your own expense within the specified timeframe and be free of charge to you if they arise for whatever reasons you may have.


By contacting the R.Box Advertising Center, each client is guaranteed to receive:


· Detailed and professional advice of our specialist.
· Free wizard visit to view outdoor advertising placement and measurements.
· Free outdoor advertising object design, in case of order confirmation and prepayment.
· Estimation of the budget for the works.

Fill out the application right now and you will receive for sure:
  1. professional and detailed consultation of our specialist;
  2. expert’s visit free of charge for taking measurements and examination the place of outdoor advertising object installation;
  3. free of charge design of the outdoor advertising object;
  4. etermination of budget for the performance of work.
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Replace order
When the order is confirmed, the expert comes and takes the area measurements for free